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I’m working on a management case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Part 2: Literature reviewundefined

In this part of your final assessment, we are focusing on your ability to conduct research, explore solutions and report on your findings, using academic language.undefined

First, you need to identify an aspect of team communication or leadership that you wish to explore further in the literature. You can choose any topic that is relevant to communication or leadership in project environments. For example, you could choose a topic that is related to your work in Part 1, so that you can use it to better understand some aspect of the situation and/or your proposed approach.undefined

Here are some initial suggestions of the types of topics you could explore:undefined

  • Impact of leadership styles on team effectiveness
  • The link between personalities and different leadership styles
  • Importance of effective communication in leadership
  • Strategies for effective stakeholder engagement
  • Negotiation skills as an important element of your leadership skillset


Then, you will be expected to select and review 4-6 articles related to your topic and provide a succinct, effective summary of your key observations and learnings from those articles. Your articles should be sourced either from academic journals or chapters from published books. Please avoid using general online search and websites that are not fully referenced or peer reviewed.undefined

This review is being written for an academic audience and you are expected to apply proper in-text referencing. Consider this when editing the work for tone, word choice, structure, and presentation.undefined

With this work, you are expected to demonstrate your ability to present effective information in concise form, so your word limit is set to 1000 words.undefined

All Information and ideas drawn from a source must be acknowledged with in-text citations. In most cases the information and idea will be paraphrased (written in your own words) as this shows a deeper understanding of the material than directly quoting/copying material. Paraphrasing also makes it easier to synthesise information. Directly quoting or copying of material should be only used sparingly if at all. If you choose to copy a section of text, you must always put the copied material in inverted commas (quote marks). Remember, any copied material (“quotes” or figures/images) must be explicitly referenced with the page number included.undefined

If you choose to include any graphics or tables, make sure that they add to the argument. You must always incorporate graphics and tables appropriately by including Figure or Table numbers with captions (and a citation to the source or sources), and by referring to the Figure(s) or Table(s) in the text.undefined

Use the Harvard UTS referencing system. Details on the Harvard UTS style can be found at: to an external site.undefined

Length: 800-1000 words

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