Sustainability Question

I’m working on a sustainability discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.


Read the City of Philadelphia’s 2016 Sustainability Plan in its entirety:

1.Choose one of the eight focus areas (visions)

a.summarize the City’s goals and approach to implementing sustainable actions

b.Explain why you chose that vision area over others

c.Provide specific examples of how this vision can have an impact at the neighborhood scale and how this benefits the City as at an urban scale. (Use Philadelphia, or use c City you are familiar with

2.Review the 2020 updates (Greenworks Review) and the City of Philadelphia’s website dashboard.…

a.Critique how the City of Philadelphia is or is not making progress towards its sustainability goals and its long-term vision.

b.Provide an example of a synergy between different goals and target actions.

3.Greenworks Dashboard:…

Objective of this assignment

Research Philadelphia’s Sustainability Plan

Analyze one focus area of the plan

Propose how your profession could incorporate sustainable motivations and values

I want it very simple language. the minimum words are 650.

my profession is teaching assistant. my major is interior design

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