Communications Question

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You will be required to provide a folio of different styles and forms of Business Communications (10 in number) from one of the listed well-known communicators. for example Julia Gillard, Jacinta Ardern, Daniel Andrews, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Boris Johnston,Waleed Aly and it should beof 3000 words.

This folio may be electronic (audio-visual

hyperlinks and MP3/MP4 files) or hard copy (screenshots, downloaded documents, etc). There must be no

more than five (5) audio-visual hyperlinks. This means you must have at least five (5) hard copy

examples in your appendices.

This task will require you to observe, listen, analyse and critique the many modes they communicate with

(e.g. speech, interviewer, interviewed, writer, tweet). The folio MUST include examples of each and every

one of the forms of communication explored in class and a paragraph (250 words) from week 1 to week 5,

critiquing each form of communication. Your analysis must refer directly to each example in you folio.

You must include all ten (10) examples in your appendices; this is a FOLIO. You are strongly

recommended to use a Mahara ePortfolio to do this. The only exception is audio-visual examples that you

are unable to download and supply as an MP3 or MP4 file. For these you must supply a hyperlink that can

be accessed by your marker. Any folio that does not meet this requirement, will be automatically graded

as a fail

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