Writing Question


Time for our last essay of the semester — the Argumentative Essay. In addition to the lectures on rhetoric and argumentation, here are a few guidelines/specifications:

– The essay should be 2-3 pages double spaced.

– The essay should have a proper heading double spaced at the top left of page 1 (your name, my name, course #, date)

– The essay should have a centered and creative title.

– The first line of all paragraphs should be indented, and the paragraphs themselves should be organized in the way that we discussed in lectures earlier in the semester.

– The introduction/thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion should accomplish what was discussed in the lectures on such topics earlier in the semester.

– You should cite at least two (2) sources in your Argumentative Essay.

– Your thesis statement should clearly articulate your main argument. (It should also do what a thesis statement does: answer the what, the why, and the how.) So, what would you like to argue for?

– The lectures for this part of the syllabus have been about rhetoric, rhetorical appeals, and logical fallacies. So, how do these lessons help us with crafting arguments for an argumentative essay? Rhetoric is all about making good, strong, persuasive arguments. Who is your audience? Who are you appealing to? How should you appeal to the specific audience, if you want to persuade them of your position? Are you avoiding logical fallacies so that you make sure your arguments are strong? Taking these lectures seriously will help you make your arguments air-tight and persuasive. Trust me.

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