Writing Question

I’m working on a writing Argumentative Essay and need guidance to help me learn.

This assignment is broken down into two parts. 1.) How has this class influenced your thoughts, feelings, and assumptions on obesity compared to where they were at the onset of this course? 2.) Also, reflect on your experiences working with your client. What worked? what didn’t? What would you do differently? A total of 500 words for both questions. So about 250 words for the fist question and about 250 words for the second question. The second part of this assignment is based on a project that I had this semester. This project made me recruit someone and worked with him on a weight loss/fitness program goal. I made my project more based on a fitness goal rather than a weight loss goal. You can take a look at the Pre and post assessment pdf to see what my patient goal was before he started and what he achieved at the end. The Semester SOAP Notes has all the notes and fitness plan of my client that I wrote throughout the semester. For example, for the question what worked. You can put that having good relationship and communicating with my client(he’s my brother but lives with wife) helped. That he has soccer experience so he’s familiar with a soccer fitness program. Doing more soccer related exercises like agility drills, ball technique, and soccer skills. For what didn’t you can put that he diet plan wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. Bad eating habits on the weekend. On what would you do different. You can put that being with him and working out with him could’ve helped him. Should’ve been more stricter on a diet plan. These are just some ideas. You can use them if you want or write something else. If you look at the post assessment you can get a better picture of what worked and didn’t work. DO NOT cite any sources please. This is a discussion assignment and will post on class discussion board

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