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watch the video first: https://www.youtube.com/embed/PD2_uKaugPI

As part of a thoughtful, integrated personal essay of between 700 and 900 words, discuss the story you experienced, being sure to provide the following information and answers in your essay :

  • Identify the protagonist (bear in mind that it is usually the narrator, but not always)
  • Identify the antagonist/challenge the protagonist faces
  • Provide at least four character traits you noticed about the protagonist from the character trait list provided below. Identify these character traits as being positive or negative traits given the challenge/antagonist the protagonist faces. https://writerswrite.co.za/a-fabulous-resource-for…
  • Where do you think exposition ends and the story action begins? Explain your reasoning.
  • How does the narrator help you to see the action they are experiencing?
  • What do you feel the narrator did well as a storyteller? If you feel there were weak points in the story, identify them and explain what you think could have been done better and why you think it would have improved the story. If you found no weak points, explain what about the story and narrator most affected you and grabbed your attention.

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