Total Quality Management

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Follow instructions attached, original work, word count: 1800 words

Q1. (700 words)

Please introduce your own definition of Business Excellence within the perspective of sustainable development. Provide a critical fully-referenced definition and critical discussion. Please discuss lean six-sigma and benchmarking as enablers of business excellence (350 words).

Please select an organization which is renown for its Business Excellence on operational and strategic level and provide a critical account of its Business Excellence model and the TQM metrics used to gauge its performance (350 words).

Q2. (1000 words)

Apply the Malcom Baldridge Business Excellence Framework in your given organization in order to:

1. Mention its strategic quality mission, vision and corporate values.

2. Discuss its strategic quality planning and the role of leadership in its successful implementation.

3. Analyse critically the aligment the organization achieves between customer focus and internal processes.

4. The role of Human Resources in the successful achievement of Business Excellence.


Conclusion (200 words): Why are companies striving for business excellence better suited for global competition?

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