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Discussions posted late will not be eligible for points.

You must post commentaries on two discussions in order to earn points for your discussion. If two commentaries are not posted, the assignment will earn no points.

This discussion is due on SUNDAY, APR. 25. Commentaries are due two days later, on Tuesday, Apr. 27.

Use the guidelines in Discussion Guidelines, Requirements, and Grading Scale as a checklist for writing your discussion and commentaries.

This module focuses on the documentary film Class Dismissed and David Simon’s The Wire.

Focusing first on Class Dismissed, answer the following questions:

  • What is the thesis of the film?
  • How does the film support its thesis?

Have you watched any of the programs that are examined in Class Dismissed?

  • When you watched these programs, did you notice (consciously or perhaps unconsciously) the themes pointed out by the documentary?
  • If you did not, why do you think they escaped your notice? If you did, how did your awareness affect your enjoyment of the program(s)?

Note: Because Class Dismissed was produced in 2005, it looked at programs that had been broadcast up to that date. Remember to keep your focus on the thesis of the documentary and its overview of television history, rather than on the age of the programs that are examined.

Turning next to The Wire, address these questions:

  • What, according to David Simon (in his interview with Bill Moyers), is the central theme or thesis of The Wire?
  • If The Wire were included in Class Dismissed, would it support or invalidate the film’s main arguments?
  • Why or why not?

The narrator (Ed Asner) of Class Dismissed says at the beginning of the film that “because we see television as just entertainment, we readily disregard its impact on our thinking.”

  • At the end of your semester of studying television, what do you think of this statement?
  • Why?

Your discussion needs to demonstrate an organized, clear understanding of the main points of Class Dismissed and the Simon-Moyers interview.


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