I’m working on a business writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Part 1 (around one page is enough)

If you chose a career in IT what do you think you would want to be and why? Use examples from class that support your perspective. Infrastructure? Software Development? Business Liaison? Make your post thoughtful and use examples.

part 2 (In roughly 1000 words/2 pages reflect on the following.)

In this class we discussed the various areas of a typical IT department, their functions and skillsets. We also talked about how these functions add value-tactical and strategic. Lastly we ended on a few case studies looking at real life project management and conflict scenarios.

For your final reflection question

Assume you want to be a CIO or a CTO someday. Explain your career path and 15 year strategy to acquire that job title. Do not just talk about the positions you will get along your path but reflect alot on how you need to work. What kind of IT person will you be to get the top job? How can you play your strengths and weaknesses to promote yourself. How will you deal with conflict and setbacks and most importantly what is your learning strategy? (technology, leadership, human behavior). Talk openly and plainly and really reflect on what you now know about IT, how it adds value and most importantly on YOU. How can you use your talents to become a leader?

Please provide some personal thoughts and use “I” in the context.


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