Ekphrastic Writing and artist’s statement

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Write your poetry or short story. You can choose to write one longer poem (such as multiple stanzas, perhaps one page long) or more than one shorter poems (such as haikus or single stanza poetry). You can choose to write a short story or short poetic prose if you prefer.

Write a short essay (800-1000 words) that explains your own poetry or story. When we write a short essay to accompany creative work, it is called an “artist’s statement.” YOU are the artist, and you are writing a statement that provides your thinking and analysis of your creative writing. Here is what you need to include:

  • A description of your ekphrastic process (see the workshop from Lorette)
  • An analysis of your poetry or story by applying concepts from our course lectures
  • An explanation of the literary devices you used
  • An explanation of what you learned from some of the poets we studied and how you applied this knowledge in your own ekphrastic writing.
  • Exphrastic poetry from last year https://www.ekphrastic.net/ekphrastic-journal/univ…

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