Marketing Question

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Summarizing and analyzing new technologies can help a business achieve competitive advantages. To simulate this common business task, locate an article (online or offline) written in the past twelve months describing a new technology or a new application for an existing technology that you believe has a strong impact in today’s business world. The article should be from a credible source (defined as a journal or website regarded as an authority in its field).

Once you have an appropriate article, write two (2) concise and clear paragraphs using active sentences. The first paragraph summarizes the article in your words. The second paragraph analyzes the impact the technology or its usage has on businesses and the competitive advantages it offers. Analyze the technology using SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces or Porter’s Three Generic Strategies. Think critically about the technology and do not limit yourself to the views provided in the article.

Please find two articles that really good credible sources. This is a marketing paper

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