Management Question


Part 1

In a few short paragraphs or less, share your thoughts on this week’s reading. You could share a new insight, likes, dislikes, disagreements with the author, etc. This should NOT be a synopsis of the reading. You must also post a comment/reply on a classmate’s post. this should be on chapter 13 and 14 of Information systems Version 8 By John Gallaugher 2019 (must have this exact book)

Part 2

Review this weeks headlines for stores related to IT and choose one. Look for stories that you find interesting or have strong feelings about. must be a recent article and IT related. please make is simple easy to and clear to understand Post a link to your story and brief description of the article and why you believe it’s a good ITSoW here.

Part 3

How are firms using APIs to transform from being a product to being a platform? How can APIs and web services enhance a firm’s competitive advantage?

Part 4What major trends, outlined in this section, are reshaping how we think about software? What industries and firms are potentially impacted by these changes? Why do managers, investors, and technology buyers care about these changes?

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