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1.I believe that there should be a number 6. I do not think they should be numbered at all. Sexually behavior should not be allowed at all. If a person says no it means no!! If a person wants to do these things within a family or a place of business, then it should not be allowed. I understand that things happen, and people fall in love, but it should not be allowed. If they want to do what ever outside of work then ok. While at work no. If they want to interfere with their work then let them. This is also where harassments can take place as well. If a person does not want this to take place at work, and they say no, then that can ruin your working relationship among other things as well. This should not be tolerated period, but I understand what happens behind closed doors. 2.I think all relationships sexual or romantic should be prohibited and it should be Number 1. You have seen this person at their worst and are helping them become their best. You know so much information about them. No matter how long you have worked with a client or any of that I feel that it should not be allowed. It would be extremely unprofessional. I have heard of cases where a correctional officer falls for a prisoner. It turns bad, contraband get snuck in, gangs on the outside find them, all situations are not good. I do not feel that any of it is professional at all. This should not be allowed in corrections, human services, or any field of those that they are helping people. There is a conflict of interest and it should not be crossed. If it were to be crossed hopefully you have that moral to stop or quit your job. I have always had a tough time with comprehending this of working with someone in human services and getting into a romantic or sexual relationship with them.

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