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Social justice is a concept that the majority of humans want to attain. It is equal fairness for all those who exist. It is recognizing our own privileges and educating ourselves on the disadvantages of others. My project for this course focused on health disparities in the predominantly Black community of Gifford, Florida. Through my windshield survey, citizen interviews, and research done, I was able to see how years of mistreatment has led to a system of injustice and was able to visualize how they were all connected.

In order to create social change, society has to be able to listen. Listen to those who are not heard or underrepresented, who are screaming for our help, rioting for fairness, and yet we turn a blind eye. I believe that my project sheds some light on an issue that is rarely talked about: the unfairness that Black women live with in our society. How past and present actions, influences, and determinants have seasoned an oppressiveness in the Black community. I chose this topic mainly because of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. I realized that I needed to check my own bias and research the inequities for myself. I found statistics and data that could not be explained except for the fact that it was just plain and simple unfairness. I asked myself, “If obesity is leading to the untimely deaths of so many black women, why isn’t anybody talking about it?” Instead, society has made it even more unfair, and has completely stereotyped them and placed them in a bubble of negativity. The black women I met while doing this project, who opened their homes to me, were willing to speak to me about these issues, and completely opened up to me, have changed my life forever. Simply doing this project has opened up an entire new realm of understanding to me, made me see things the way they are, and how they have to change.

Our textbook speaks of health equity. It means that every single person has the right to achieve maximal health (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2020). Health is a basic human right. But how does someone have rights if we put barriers in the way to achieve them? Its like holding up a cookie to a 3-year-old, but to get that cookie, you must walk through a hallway covered in tacks. Completing this project gave me a sense of self awareness. I will take that self-awareness in all things I do now and in the future. That is how we instill true change, starting with one person.

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