Identify an American movie that portrays an event that happened in a different country.

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The movie i chose is (Hotel Rwanda) about the genocide in Rwanda.


40% Essay Two-Analyzing How American Media Presents International Events-4,000-4,500 Words

For your research paper, you will identify an American television show or film that presents an event, figure, or movement that occurred in another country. Through research, you will consider the following questions when analyzing your chosen piece of media-how does the way the international event was presented seem to reflect trends and approaches in American/film TV? How does the film/television show fit into the cultural/political landscape of America at the time it was released? How was this event/movement/figure depicted in film/television in the country of origin? This essay will include an annotated bibliography, with sources cited in the MLA format.

Main Movie: Hotel Rwanda

The two main sources that should be used are New York Times and Jstor

What I want

  • There are some tropes portrayed in the movie such as the hero trope. In reality, many people have voiced that the Main character of the film did not help them during the genocide but he was portrayed as a hero in the movie.
  • I would like Hotel Rwanda, an American movie, to be compared and contrasted with another movie but made by Africans regarding the genocide. For example, 94 Terror is a Ugandan movie about the Rwandan genocide
  • The reviews of the film by Americans and Rwandans when it came out in 2004 versus the reviews that have been recently made about the film
  • How American films generally portray conflict films

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