HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT a short discussion with questions

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Students are expected to read the assigned textbook chapter(s) and/or material(s) every week.

Question(s) will be posted on the discussion board weekly and each student is expected to provide one original individual response of their own.

In the spirit of learning and growing as a class, all entries are expected to be thoughtful and robust. I am looking for something substantive – target 6+ sentences minimum per entry. The feedback should consist of respectful and constructive comments regarding the responses and should also contain two key learning points from that module reflecting on the chapters discussed that week.


Read Chapter 3 then answer the following questions.

Flexibility in the workplace is becoming more and more important to the new generations entering the work force. This can range from remote work schedules to parental leaves and work hours. This cultural mindset shift is impacting employers of all sizes.

Would you take less pay for more flexibility?

What are the advantages for employers?

What are some of the pitfalls for employees?

What companies can you think of that could benefit from the various flexible workplace options out there?

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