Human resource management

Human resource management. What do you think are the main drawbacks of relying on informal, on-the-job training for teaching new employees their jobs? What are the repercussions of a poorly managed orientation program and what are the benefits to a company when this is managed well? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

What has your experience been with training for a job? How long did the training last? How helpful did you find it?

When I started working at Procter & Gamble, we did intensive training as a new hire group for five weeks. I found some of it very helpful, and some redundant. Please share your experiences and contrast them to the readings from this week.

As an employee, what types of feedback do you find most effective in aiding you in improving your contributions to your company? How is this related to selecting a performance appraisal system?

Assume you are an HR professional working with the CEO at a small start-up technology company to create a new performance appraisal system for all employees. Which performance appraisal system would you recommend and why? What suggestions would you have for the CEO in implementing this system to ensure that it would be effective, motivating and legally compliant?

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