Chapter 9 questions Human Resource management

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Based on chapter 9, answer the following topics.

  1. Discuss why HR should be part of strategic management and give an example.
  2. As a hiring manager, how would you ensure hiring the right person for the right? Be specific and detailed.
  3. Which aspect of compensation and benefit you think is the most important in managing the workforce effectively? Explain.
  4. Chapter 9 discussed learning and development. How would you advise your recent employer to structure their onboarding and training and development program for a better outcome?
  5. Based on the assigned reading and as a manager, how would you structure the performance appraisal of your team? Be specific.
  6. For section 9.6, Managing Promotions, Transfers, Disciplining, and Dismissal, which part you think would be challenging to you to implement as a manager and why?
  7. Chapter 9 introduces you to labor-management issues. Discuss what you think would be the top three main issues in the industry you want to grow your career.

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