Group project work for Strategy Formulation Cours

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Group Project:

In teams of 4 you will present one of the cases at the end of your textbook. Your team will have approximately 20 minutes to make your presentation, followed by 3-5 minutes of fielding questions and comments. Thus, each of you can expect to speak for approximately 5-6 minutes, although the team can divide speaking time among its members at its own discretion.

In preparing your case presentations, your team should think of themselves as consultants preparing a document for their client’s CEO or top management team. Your presentation should identify the key strategic issues or problems, and proceed to present your analysis and evaluation. Finally, your group needs to present conclusions and/or recommendations:

Presentations will be followed by questions. Please include a copy of your slides. A written paper is also due on the day of your presentation. It should be 8-10 pages

What I am going to do with my teammats is those part :

Introduction and Emerging Market Strategy : Me

Key strategic issues/problems (me and another class mate )

Own analysis and evaluation (not me )

Recommendations (not me )

Conclusion (not me )

our project will be about a that company Danish beer(Carlsbergread about it and let me know if you have any questions and do anything for the presentation

only do my part

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