English Question

I’m working on a english writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.


  1. Identify Your Research Topic: (Bacterial Diseases, Parasites Diseases, Viral Diseases, Lifestyle Diseases). See syllabus for RP Deadlines for each section of the paper.
  2. Format: APA (American Psychological Association)
    • ○ Feel free to get help from as needed
    • ○ Do not forget APA format must be used throughout the paper
    • ○ Your paper is expected to be organized clearly and free of basic errors. Most word processing program will highlight spelling errors. Please use this function.
    • ○ Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association,6th Edition for exact usage of APA format and the handouts distributed during class.
    • ○ Submit through Canvas using doc, docx format only
  3. Culture: Discuss in your own words how the disease you selected for your research topic impacts the racial or ethnic community you identify with or you belong to. In your paper, answer the following questions:
    • ○ How does culture influence the perspective and perception of the disease you are writing about?
    • ○ Include the following data: prevalence, incidence,and mortality rates of the disease and include 2 populations: children, adults, adolescents, adults or older adult population
  4. Length: Minimum of 10-15 pages.
    • ○ Double spaced and add subtitles for example (Introduction, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion)
    • ○ Cannot be less than five pages, but it can be over seven.
  5. Page Details: Page range of 10-15 includes cover page, one paragraph summary(250words or less)
  6. References: Must use a minimum of 10 references (all three must be cited in-text within the paper):
    • ○ Required Reference: Textbook used in class (Disease The Extraordinary Stories Behind History’s Deadliest Killer)
    • ○ Required References: Articles from theAmerican Psychological Association Or
  • ○ The rubric will be used when grading your paper.
  • ○ Plagiarized work will automatically earn a zero.
  • ○ you submit your work
  • ○ Check spelling and grammar


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