Written Assignment for The Winters Company case study

Written Assignment for The Winters Company case study

Written Assignment, “The Winters Company case study: “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – Jim Rohn

You are a communications consultant hired by Mr. Winters to improve company operations. Read “The Winters Company” report (case). Write a report to Mr. Winters explaining what you see as problems in the company and propose your solutions for each problem.
Discuss 2 communication issues presented in the case. First, discuss why each issue is a problem, then explain what your recommendations are to fix each issue. Discuss each issues separately.
Write your report in paragraph form. It should be in at 4 sections.

  1. Introduction including your overall assessment of the situation .
  2. One section for each of the problems that you recognize and the solution to that problem (2 sections total). Each section could be 1 or 2 paragraphs long.
  3. A concluding section that ties everything together.

Remember you are an outside consultant so you must be persuasive and convince Mr. Winters that your ideas will work by explaining your solutions in detail and supporting your ideas. Also, being an outside consultant it is not your place to make demands or tell your client what to do. Do not write, “You must…” You are not his boss. Use professional business language and write in a professional business tone. There is no required length for this assignment, but it must be complete enough to be clearly understood.
To be persuasive you must explain how and why your solutions will work. Mr. Winters will not just take your word for it. Explain it clearly and concisely while not being pages and pages long.
This is not a search/research assignment. Use only the information in the case, prior learning, experience, and your own analytical abilities.


• 12 point Times New Roman font
• 1.5 line (or double) spaced
• Title the file you submit: Winters Company
• Submit a Word or pdf file ONLY. Do not submit a Google doc, invitation, or Pages file.

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Written Assignment for The Winters Company case study

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