Leadership/ Dual Operating System/ Change Management

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As a business leader you must be able to synthesize, in an extremely impactful manner, the key points for a special project or a consulting assignment. For this assignment, you will have read all of our pre-assigned articles and white papers, integrated our classroom work, and do some additional research (as per below). You need to write a short (approximately 3 pages), but impactful paper (page count does not include title page or reference page).Although the length requirement is short, the depth, breadth, and complexity expectation is high. Write this as if you are an Outside Business Consultant working for a CEO of a business. The CEO, your client, feels the company leaders reporting directly to him/her in his/her company need to significantly improve their leadership skills and create a new culture based on the rapid pace of change in their industry. However, he/she doesn’t feel that most of the leaders in the company feel this need or know how to improve these skills and create this type of culture. To properly drive the organizational change that is needed, he/she wants them to feel the urgent need for change as learned in Kotter’s change model. Therefore, he/she needs you to go into the marketplace (as well as do some additional academic research), and identify what leaders and companies are doing well and what they are not doing well relative to great, good, and poor leadership, or how creativity is being stifled by the organization’s structure. You need to make the business case for his/her team to make a significant investment in (1) intensive training for all leaders in the company on Servant Leadership or (2) a DOS (Dual Operating System). This needs to be done (and defended) in a manner that is pragmatic and yet is connected to business and human capital management concepts, theories, and dimensions; ultimately, it should drive customer and financial outcomes. Your writing must be at a level where a senior executive team could make a significant investment decision to building a change and leadership culture based on the quality of your proposal. As a test for yourself, once you are done with your paper, read it from the client’s perspective and ask yourself – would you invest significant dollars in developing a change and/or leadership culture based on this consulting recommendation? You will also need to gather supporting info.

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