Write a General overview of type 2 diabetes epidemiology

Write a General overview of type 2 diabetes epidemiology

Write a General overview of type 2 diabetes epidemiology. Introduction: Specialization within health care often involves health care staff working with individuals and groups of people that share some common health care needs. Nurses working in specialist areas must recognize and address the needs of their client population in order for health care to be appropriate and effective.

Aim: The student will present a review of a client with Diabetes (any type) which demonstrates the scientific and clinical knowledge necessary to provide effective nursing care for the client.

Purpose: The purpose of this written assignment is three fold:

  1. To demonstrate scientific and clinical knowledge related to the type of diabetes.
  2. To explore the experiences and needs of a patient with diabetes.
  3. To discuss the nursing contribution to this client group.


Select a client from your area of practice and present a written case study. The review must include the use of relevant literature and national and when appropriate international guidelines. The assessment must also cover the following points: Wider national and international context and epidemiology of the chosen client population.

  • Brief review of the risk factors and underlying pathophysiology related to chosen topic.
  • Brief review of the clinical presentation and physical assessment of the client.
  • Brief review of diagnostic tests and relationship of test results to client’s underlying pathophysiology.
  • The client’s perceptions and experiences of the impact of living with diabetes.
  • Wider socio-political and economic considerations for this client.
  • The evidence-based management plan for client (pharmacological and non-pharmacological considerations) based on national and international guidelines.
  • Your nursing contributions to client care with a focus on either client education or discharge planning with links to national and international guidelines.
  • Specific examples of your nursing influences on patient outcomes.
  • A brief analysis of the decision making processes in providing effective client care.

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