The Great Awakening review

The Great Awakening review

The Great Awakening review.

After watching this week’s video “The Great Awakening”,¬†choose THREE of the four questions to answer. Be sure to provide examples from the video.

Please note: You are more than welcome to watch the entire film; however, you are only required to watch until timestamp 28:09.

1. Explain the importance/significance of Richard Allen.

2. Explain the importance/significance of the cotton gin and “King Cotton” in regards to black enslavement.

3. Explain the Brown Fellowship Society and the complexities of their lives.

4. Explain the “second Middle Passage,” and explain the ways in which it increased the vulnerability of black enslaved women, and various forms of control on the plantations.

Remember: Your initial postings should be at least 250 words and responses to others should be at least 100 words.  Please avoid posting short responses to others such as, “Great post”, “I agree,” or “Me too,” and responses that repeat what you have already mentioned in your post. Instead, think in terms of commenting on specific areas of others’ posts.  

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The Great Awakening review

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