Professional Code of Ethical Conduct Project

Professional Code of Ethical Conduct Project

Professional Code of Ethical Conduct Project.

1 You are required to submit two working links of your professional code of ethics from your intended occupation or field of study, one from the United States and one from another country. This submission must have a valid source included such as book title, magazine, working link, etc. Either way, I should be able to get back to your information. If you do not know where to look, try a Google search for your professional organization and the words “code of ethics” (for example American Medical Association code of ethics) or simply ask me. If you do not know what your professional organization is, search your profession and the words “professional organization” such as engineer professional organization or accountant professional organization and you will see several options. Begin your search early just in case and remember to talk to me if you have any difficulties.

2. In this step, you must review both of your codes of ethics/conduct for your field and list the specific ethics from each that are not applicable to any and almost every profession. If you think the specific ethics apply only to your field, tell me which ones and the reason why in your group discussion thread and the assignment drop box. If you think the entire code is generic, just simply state that in your private group discussion thread and in the designated assignment drop box. Some of you will actually find this is the case. Ask me if you do not understand this assignment, as it is an important part of your group vet. This assignment must be submitted is an individual step required of all students and worth 10 points.
e Group structure may change after the final class withdrawal date. This is simply another challenge to meet head-on. If you have any questions regarding your group, contact me if or when they occur.

3. The group is responsible for taking the professional ethics from each member with the input of step two and together rewriting one set of professional ethics for any profession not just one profession. You must go beyond the no lying, no stealing, be nice to your customers philosophy. You must incorporate professional codes of ethics from international organizations in the final project. How you do that is up to the group but I must be able to see incorporation of international ethical elements in the final product.

4. The final product will be in the form of an electronic presentation with the format selected by the group. Each presentation must incorporate the work of all members and last between 4-7 minutes. Create your own training scenario for employees. Maybe you are giving this presentation to your bosses and your peers in an orientation environment. Maybe you need to improve relations between employees and customers. On the other hand, maybe you are teaching everyone to be accountable and to hold each other accountable for their actions. r project addresses all required elements.

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Professional Code of Ethical Conduct Project

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