Pharmaceutical business plan

Pharmaceutical business plan

Pharmaceutical business plan. 

Company Background

The lab is accredited for its long experience in generating large quantities of pure C3. The lab is the only laboratory that is known for its production of high-quality pure C3. The chemistry group that is currently manufacturing C3 is ongoing in the Primate Parkinson’s studies. Due to the level of experience and expertise required in the manufacturing of quality C3, it involves the use of GMP C3 for toxicology among other studies. The lab wishes to transform the current facility to a GMP facility. The conversion has been successful in Vanderbilt University Medical Center. However, the transition will require the use of upgraded equipment. Therefore, an efficient
method for the first grams of GMP C3 can be used to establish the process with the expertise.

Brief Product Description

Complement component 3(C3) refers to the protein found in the immune system. Its role is to be the core complement system that contributes to innate immunity. The C3 is encoded on chromosomes 19 with a gene known as C3. The C3 patients are a prone bacterial infection. An example of C3 is the C4b2a which is produced through activation of C2 and C4. The converts then catalyze the proteolysis gap of C3a and C3b produced during the lectin pathway and the classical pathway. Deactivation of C3bBb is carried out in steps. The first step, the proteolysis component to the Bb converts is first removed by introducing a decay accelerating factor activity to the complement regulatory proteins. The C3b is then broken down into iC3b, to C3c and C3dg and lastly to C3d.

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Pharmaceutical business plan

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