Nur514 Advanced women’s health

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CASE 1undefined

Define preconception period and discuss why this is an important time for women who are planning to get pregnantundefined

  • Why folate supplement is important.
  • Following the guidelines of the United States Preventive Service Taskforce (USPSTF) how you would recommend the folate to be taken. by women who plan to get pregnant?
  • Name dietary sources for folate.
  • Name patients with higher risk who indicate a need for folate. supplementation is recommended.


CASE 2undefined

G.P is a 32 primigravida patient who blood type is B Rh negative. She is on her first trimester and have a vaginal bleeding episode.undefined

  • Following ACOG what would be the appropriate management for this patient?


CASE 3undefined

C.C is a 36-year-old female patient known in the office who came to consult you because she has been feeling left breast tenderness, low grade fever and malaise for about four days. She delivered her baby 3 months ago and is breastfeeding. You found the left breast warm and painful when examined. Fissures on nipples presented.undefined

  • List your diagnosis and support.
  • If infection is suspected which bacteria are usually involve in this process.
  • Discuss a management plan for C.C (pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment).
  • List patient’s education and recommendations.

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