North Atlantic treaty organization assistance functions

North Atlantic treaty organization assistance functions

TAILOR THIS ASSIGNMENT TO FOCUS ON NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION (NATO) ASSISTANCE FUNCTIONS . In this week, you will create a presentation to share with stakeholders in the organization to help them overcome resistance to change. The anxiety that is caused by having to let go of the past and start a new direction can cause stakeholders to become frustrated and burned-out. In addition, many may fear whether they will have the skills necessary to be valued in the future. Change agents need to be able to recognize these concerns and lead others through this period of time. It is difficult for employees to change values, norms, and procedures that are supported by the current culture. This is known as cultural resistance. Political resistance can also occur when decisions made in the past are now questioned, which can cause certain stakeholders to feel threatened.

The plan to overcome resistance should include the following:

• Having empathy and support for those affected by changes taking place. Active listening is a critical skill during reforms. Others may feel great anxiety over the change, so leaders must allow for opportunities to discuss concerns and feelings.

• Communication is paramount. The rule is communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more. Remember, employees are not afraid of what they know, but they are afraid of what they do not know. If change plans are not well communicated, employees will fill in the blanks with what they believe is going to happen. This can cause a vast array of problems and miscommunication.

• Finally, one of the oldest and most successful ways to overcome resistance is to directly involve employees in the planning and implementation process. In addition, stakeholder can provide a wide variety of information and diversity of opinion that can be very helpful. Stakeholder involvement in the change process automatically provides an opportunity to have needs and concerns met for all of those involved in the change process.

Assignment Instructions: (9 Slides Show) with additional speaker notes, Add discussion questions at the end of the presentation.

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