Human Wildlife Interactions- Discuss

Human Wildlife Interactions- Discuss

Discuss Human Wildlife Interactions.

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For this assignment, you will play the role of a “citizen scientist”. Your task is to identify an example of human-nature interactions, to observe it directly systematically, and to report on your observations. Your observations must be DIRECT (as in, you must directly observe the phenomenon with your own senses). Topics could include, but aren’t limited to, human-wildlife interactions; flows of water, electricity, or other resources; pollution, and so on.

In completing this assignment, you must make at least TEN observations at regular intervals (every minute, every hour, every day, etc.). The interval you choose should be able to tell you something about how the phenomenon changes over time. For example, observing wildlife-automobile interactions may not be served by minute-by-minute observations, since these interactions may not occur every minute. Remember to plan ahead with the due date – daily observations mean you have to plan at least ten days ahead of the deadline for this assignment.

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Human Wildlife Interactions

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