Explain on how the firm makes money

Explain on how the firm makes money

Market and Firm Overview

This section includes information on how the firm makes money, who are the firm’s buyers and suppliers, and what are one or two major industry changes that have affected (or in your estimation will affect) the Company, its buyers, or its suppliers in recent years (or the near future).

This section should also include an in-depth analysis of market(s) impacted by the selected challenge. It includes a SWOT analysis, details of your Company’s current market share and its marketing strategy consisting of market segmentation, target market customer profiles, positioning of the product(s), and marketing mix, as captured by the 4Ps.

References: Cite all the sources used in your report in the references section and use APA citation style format throughout the report. Example of APA citation style format: http://www.apastyle.org/index.aspx Appendices: Tables, Graphs, Graphics and other Supplemental Materials.

You can use my document for some part but mostly will have original work you due. My paper is only for give you an idea and you can take small parts for include and only for reference.

The document I attached is the draft we did before, and the final project needs more details and it includes more topics.

My part is market and firm overview in the final report, you can use everything from the file I attached

You can see in the screenshot which is my part

btw I wrote SWOT analysis so you can extend every point from that form, maybe it would me much easier for you.

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Market and Firm Overview

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