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The duty of three questions is very important The number of words and also mentioning examples References are not required It is preferred to use the special method after reading the material


Answer the below questions based on the course material, your own experience and information search on the internet and in academic sources from the AOU e-library. (i.e. companies’ webpages, AOU e-library databases…)

Question 1 (35 marks, 300 words)

In the current HR employer-employee relations, there’s more emphasis on improved employee degree of autonomy and responsibility. HR is also placing more focus on employability.

Use a real business example to discuss what is meant by empowerment era, employability and the benefits, costs and effects of employability.

Question 2 (35 marks, 300 words)

One of the foundations of Amazon’s success is the company’s intelligent use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Amazon’s CRM software captures customer data at the point of purchase, which it uses to instantly customize its users online experience.

Amazon’s interface is simple and easy to use. Customers can view their own order history and how much they’ve been spending. Returns are handled easily through the system. Re-ordering is a breeze and purchases can be tracked through every state of the delivery process.

CRM software allows Amazon to collect personal and payment details and makes it very easy to customers to buy products again. It sends tailored offers, promotions and recommendations to customers based on their past purchases and interests.

Customers can deal with almost every issue they might have through their accounts. And if there’s something that does require a customer to speak with a customer service assistant: CRM to the rescue again. Amazon staff have customer details, meaning quick and efficient resolution to all problems – and more satisfied customers.

Amazon’s use of CRM has been influential in the growth of its services. With these smart and automated practices, it’s not hard to see why Amazon are crushing the competition.


  1. Discuss what is meant by relationship marketing and discuss at least four of its benefits for Amazon. (25 marks)
  2. Discuss the relationship between relationship marketing, customer lifetime value, satisfaction and loyalty and profit. (10 marks)

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