How homesickness affects International Students

How homesickness affects International Students

Field-specific theories: This is research conducted in a psychology class on how homesickness affects International Students.

Being away from home is normally accompanied by sadness of missing the people one loves. This means that attachment is a product of all beautiful experiences people enjoy in the course of their childhood.

Assignment 1 (400-500 words)

“The supplementary statement should…

1. Discuss the overall genesis of the work
2. Demonstrate an awareness of field-specific theories incorporated in the work
3. Explain the principles and methods that were incorporated in or influenced the work
4. Make the work accessible to those not in your discipline
5. Explain how the work revisions scholarship”

How do we do that?

  1. Describe your process of coming up with your topic, researching and drafting your paper
  2. Explain the discipline/class your work was created in
  3. Explain that you wrote the paper with people in multiple disciplines in mind!
  4. Describe the key concepts that you introduce in the paper
  5. New offering / relevance

Prepare your Cover Letter

1. Open a new document for your cover letter
2. Include the asked-for contact information at the top: name, school email address, declared major, and expected graduation date
3. Begin writing your supplementary statement, with the goal of 400-500 words

Assignment 2 (250-300 words)

To begin, answer the following reflective questions in a blank word document.
1. What is your favorite part of your synthesis paper? What are you most proud of, or what is your favorite thing that you learned in your research?
2. What was the most difficult aspect of the synthesis project, and how did you get through it?
3. What assignment(s) helped you the most with your synthesis project? Outline and looking for source
4. Do you think you would like to submit to the University Review? Why or why not?

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How homesickness affects International Students

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