Describe conflicting viewpoints on gun control description

Describe conflicting viewpoints on gun control description

Conflicting Viewpoints on Gun Control Description

It is noteworthy that the United States is the leader, with regards to per-capita deaths resulting from guns, among industrial nations. this confirmed distinction has resulted to different gun control legislation at the state and federal levels that seek to limit violence and crime through restricting private ownership of guns. supporters of the case of gun control would contend for even stricter measures on the circulation and sale of firearms. however, they face fierce opposition from arms manufacturers and citizen groups who try to safeguard what they perceive as the rightful ownership to bear and own firearms for cases of recreational activities and self defense. these particular groups aim to prevent, however possible, legislation already on the books.

with recent events triggering sadness and tragedy, massacres and violent acts caused by the rise of private ownership of guns have raised the case of gun control. several individuals fall either on one side of the gun ownership spectrum or the other. as such, it is difficult to perceive the middle ground, similar to the perception that it is difficult to ensure gun ownership is banned. however, several individuals believe that the society should be defenseless, albeit the need to control violence emerging from  gun ownership. a solution, however, must be found. with recent events such as Chardon High School shooting, the Aurora Movie Theater shooting, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting it is difficult to not perceive gun control as a very vital issue that should be solved. The safety of Americans as a nation ought to be resurrected, as individuals should not fear visiting malls, schools, and cinemas. Americans should perceive gun control, however much they find it most effective, as a major priority, and as concern that needs to be solved sooner.
as an individual who supports ownership of guns, several people people have the opinion that we are stereotyped as Democrats or liberals. other individuals believe that the Republicans posses the anti-gun control problem, as the Democrats possess the pro gun control issue. as such, there is no party that fully advocates for a single and long lasting position on gun ownership in the United States.
Of much importance is that the actual purpose and meaning of the Second Amendment has been a discussion with much controversies. advocates of gun control contend that the period the Second Amendment was implemented, individual states maintained a militia, comprising ordinary US citizens who acted as part-time marines. it is noteworthy that these militias were properly regulated – subject to the states needs as regards to periodic military exercises, firearms, and training. with the fear that the federal government would apply its army to enforce its will on the states, the developers of the Second Amendment intended to safeguard the rights of militias to carry arms. as per the contenders of gun control, in current times, the amendment ought to safeguard only the state’s duty to arm their individual military forces.

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Conflicting Viewpoints on Gun Control