Factors that led to the Hungarian Revolution in 1956

Discuss factors that led to the Hungarian Revolution in 1956

Discuss factors that led to the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. In this task you will prepare an essay exploring a key aspect of the Cold War. You will need to substantiate your argument by drawing upon both primary and secondary source material. Importantly, a key component of this task will be your judgement in selecting, critically analysing and integrating appropriate source materials into your essay. See the following essay question topics you can choose from.

Essay topics

Using at least three primary sources, plus a minimum of eight academic sources, apply the skills developed in your primary source review to answer one of the following questions:

  1. To what extent did Khrushchev’s ‘Secret Speech‘ in 1956 signal a new direction for the Communist Bloc?
  2. What effect did Stalin’s death have on the Communist Bloc? Discuss with reference to the period 1953–56.
  3. What factors led to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956?
  4. What were the reasons for the Sino–Soviet Split?
  5. Was the USA justified in dropping the bomb on Japan?
  6. McCarthyism was an understandable response to the threat that communism posed in the United States of America. Discuss.
  7. Did the Rosenberg deserve their fate?
  8. Was the United Nations justified in entering the Korean War?
  9. Why did the USA commit to the Marshall Plan? Why was it successful?
  10. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a victory for the Soviets. Discuss.
  11. Why did the Americans lose the war in Vietnam?
  12. Was socialism ‘with a human face’ possible?

Like all academic writing, it is important that you maintain academic integrity and adhere to academic conventions when preparing this assignment task. Please see the Guide to academic essay writing (Links to an external site.) in the Student Portal for guidance or contact your eLA if you need further advice.

Supporting resources

The following resources will assist you with completing this assignment:

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