Explain Karma according to Art and Tales

Explain  Karma according to Art and Tales

Karma according to Art and Tales

Recall that in your short fiction research essay, you are bringing together three components: two short stories, the artwork of your choosing, and 3-5 relevant statements from literary and/or art critics. Select a piece of art at the museum that
relates in some meaningful way to the two short stories you’ve chosen. Your inclusion of this artwork will add breadth and depth to your analysis of the texts. Be sure to avoid merely making superficial connections between the artwork and
the texts. Begin by considering the connections you can make between this source and the texts. Perhaps you see a thematic link or an aesthetic similarity? Perhaps your reaction to the painting, photograph, or sculpture is similar to your experience reading the texts? Consider how the point of view—either yours as the viewer or a perspective depicted within the context of the artwork—lends insight to your understanding of the artwork. Rather than haphazardly include the additional source
in your essay, incorporate it into your analysis in a cohesive way. Be thorough and critical in your analysis of how it applies to the pair of stories you’ve chosen.

Essay prompt:
Identify a theme shared by two of the short stories we’ve read this semester. Determine which author’s expression of this theme you deem most impressive and defend your selection. Offer clear reasons to illustrate why you find the works
impressive. In addition to your primary sources (the two short stories), include analysis of an additional outside “text”—a work of art of your choosing currently on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art that relates in some way to the short fiction we’ve


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Karma according to Art and Tales