Discuss history of the U.S. to 1865

Discuss history of the U.S. to 1865


Unit 2
1. After the Stuarts returned to the throne in 1660, an event known in English history as the Restoration, the British decided to make significant changes in their colonial empire. Discuss these efforts over the next few decades. What was the
impact on the British colonies when Queen Anne's War ended in 1713? There were also significant changes in the economic and social order. Discuss the changes that evolved beginning with the Navigation Act of 1651? What was the impact of slavery and immigration? In general, how had American society changed by the mid-1700s?
2. Write a review of David Freeman Hawke's title Everyday Life in Early America, a book about social life in colonial times. Your review should be about two-to-three pages, double-spaced and typed. In your analysis, you should convince the
instructor that you have read the book and are conversant with its themes, contents, and ideas.

Unit 3
Requirements for both essays are 2 pages double-spaced or 1 page single- spaced
1. From the Proclamation of 1763 forward, the British Empire in North American went through one crisis after another as the colonists and the king and parliament squared off over many contentious issues. Trace this journey very carefully, being
certain to point out the major laws and figures involved. Be sure that you can distinguish between the economic and political reasons for the growing estrangement in the years down to 1776.
2. The second phase of the Revolution was the War for Independence or Revolutionary War. As the fighting began in 1775/1776, the odds of the new United States winning were long, but after the most protracted war in American history
(until Vietnam in the 1960s/1970s) and one of the relatively bloodiest as well, the USA prevailed. Trace the developing conflict. Who were the key players and what were the major campaigns. In your final analysis, what enabled the United States to win its independence in 1783?
The third and climactic phase of the Revolution was the Confederation Era of the 1780s. This era evolved during the war itself. What were the assumptions and ideas that lay behind the new state constitutions as well as they new Articles of
Confederation? During the Revolutionary War and shortly thereafter, what were the successes of the government that operated under the Articles? And what were its failures? It became obvious to some, even during the Revolution, that the Articles of
Confederation provided a weak form of government and that the nation needed change. How did this perception develop during the 1770s and 1780s? What were the issues at the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, and how were they resolved? Or
weren’t they?


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History of the U.S. to 1865

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