Describe Cisco Packet Tracer file

Describe Cisco Packet Tracer file

Cisco Packet Tracer file assignment

As a network engineer for Kamehameha Institute, you will need to become familiar with the Packet Tracer simulation tool from Cisco. Packet Tracer is used to simulate and test network configurations. This allows you to work out and improve upon the settings before implementing them.

Using the diagram and configuration information from your first task, create a Packet Tracer simulation.
Attached is my assignment 1

You have to sign up free at and download the program

I am not sure If I need router to R5. You can update my network map if i need any necessary changes. Please also use office word to document setup. Please use dropbox, google drive, or other site to send me the link. if you can’t send me download link here for the .pkt (Packet Tracer) file that you make or email the file.

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Cisco Packet Tracer File Assignment