Argumentative Essay on Affirmative Action

Argumentative Essay on Affirmative Action

You will choose a side for your Argumentative Essay on Affirmative Action. You will have three sources for this essay. You will have two academic articles, and you will discuss the movie Zootopia. You will make your stance clear in your paper by choosing one of the following thesis statements: Instead of the historically disadvantaged demanding affirmative action on the part of institutions of power, they should seek to overcome the obstacles embedded within those institutions, and excel despite discrimination. Or, Instead of being expected to overcome embedded obstacles and excel despite discrimination, the historically disadvantaged should demand affirmative action on the part of institutions of power.

First Paragraph

A. Introduce the topic of Affirmative Action. Use at least one quotation or statistic from your academic article. You will answer four questions in this essay. You can take the first two paragraphs to do so. The questions are: Who began Affirmative Action? Who continued it? What was its purpose, and who did it aim to assist? Your thesis statement should take a clear stand on whether or not you support or oppose Affirmative Action, and should be the last line of the first paragraph. Choose the thesis statement above that supports your argument in this paper.

Second Paragraph

(This is the second paragraph of the essay. You can discuss the academic article in detail here.)

A. When writing quotations, be sure to include the author’s name, signal words, and cite them correctly. Be sure to explain all quotations.

B. Supporting Details

Third Paragraph

A. Follow the same steps here as you incorporate quotation, and/or statistics and explanations of why those quotations and statistics are relevant to your argument.
B. Supporting Details

Paragraphs 4 & 5 – Introduce Zootopia. When addressing the film, answer the following: As a minority striving for success in an institution made for predators, should officer Judy Hopps work to have accommodations made to better suit her needs, or should she work within the system as it is, proving that prey can accomplish anything that predators can?

Other questions to answer in your essay: How do the stereotypes in Zootopia correlate with the stereotypes that are present in our society? How does society, both Zootopian and ours, continue to reinforce stereotypical ideas through racist and gender biased policies?

Body Paragraph 6 –

Counter Argument (Write a full paragraph explaining the argument of the opposition and then argue against it).

Remaining Body Paragraphs
A. You can continue discussing the article and the movie in these paragraphs. You should have at least six quotations in this paper. Do not write a long quotation because it a short paper.
B. Supporting Details

Conclusion (Do Not Write In Conclusion):

Here you will offer final thoughts. This paragraph should be at least five sentences.


– Essay must be at least 4-6 pages
– For how to cite quotations from the movie, here is an example: Judy Hopps says, “Well, he was right about one thing; I don’t know when to quit!” (Zootopia). Or, “Well, he was right about one thing; I don’t know when to quit!” (Judy Hopps, Zootopia)
– Works Cited: Zootopia. Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2016. Netflix,
– Counterargument should be in the 6th paragraph
– This worksheet is a guide, you may have more paragraphs than this worksheet provides, but the worksheet does include the minimum requirements, such as the introduction format, body format, conclusion format, counterargument and the 6quotation minimum.

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Argumentative Essay on Affirmative Action

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