Answer the questions below

Answer the questions below

Answer the questions below:

  1. Discuss in detail the USA Patriot Act. Do you think it infringes upon the right to privacy of the American citizens? Elaborate.

Answer should include the following points:

Enhanced presidential authority

Electronic surveillance and criminal investigations

Title II and electronic surveillance

National Security Letters and other Fourth Amendment issues

  1. Some investigators proclaim the merits of vagueness and obfuscation in warrant applications. Do you agree that this increases their investigative authority? When are multiple warrants encouraged?

The answer should include the following points:

Can lead to judicial nullification of the original warrant

Degree of specificity required such that searchable and non-searchable areas can be differentiated

Multiple warrants required in following cases:

Findings fall outside boundaries of applicable warrants

Evidence of a secondary crime inadvertently uncovered not included in original warrant

In cases involving networked computers

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