DB Unit 6 Kingdom Life


Question 1: From Chapter 3 of Addictions, discuss the nature of addictions. Why do people fall into addictions? What are some examples of common addictions (Chapter 1 has a list of common addictions)? Do you know someone who has struggled with addictions? What does the Bible have to say about such matters?

Common addictions: alcohol – anger – love – weightlifting – sleep – nicotine – pain – TV – exercise – gambling – nose drops – cocaine – work – sports – sugar – people – sex – caffeine – shoplifting – lying – chocolate – risk – success/winning – pornography

Question 2: From the lectures and Chapter 5 of Timothy Keller’s Every Good Endeavor, discuss why everyday work feels fruitless, meaningless, and even frustrating for so many. Give some light personal reflection on your experience working in the world.

Each questions should be 250 words

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