BUS 3030 Discussion post

I’m working on a business discussion question and need a sample draft to help me study.

My last name starts with the letter G so post would have to be on “Automotive dealers, suppliers”. Post is just a discussion question so a simple paragraph per source of secondary research would suffice (3 total paragraphs). Need done by TODAY!!!

Market research is essential to making sound business decisions, especially in regard to marketing. Conducting market research involves digging into secondary and primary research. For this discussion, focus on secondary research—that is, information found outside a company such as industry experts, associations, and companies that specialize in collecting data that can be used for research and decision making.

Pick a company in the specified industry that follows and that corresponds to the first letter of your last name. Then identify three possible sources of secondary research that would be valuable to that company and explain why those sources are useful for decision making.

  • A–C: Airlines.
  • D–F: Food and beverages; restaurants; food manufacturing.
  • G–I: Automotive dealers, suppliers.
  • J–L: Retailing hospitality; casinos; cruise lines; hotels; resorts.
  • M–O: Communications or electronics; computers; computer software.
  • P–R: Entertainment industry; cable and satellite TV production and distribution; motion picture production and distribution.
  • S–T: Technology; telecommunications; phone companies.
  • W–Z: Healthcare; pharmaceuticals or health products; nutritional and dietary supplements; drug manufacturers.


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