I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me study.

please watch the following film (I am attaching a link to a shortened version of the movie- if you would like to see the whole thing you can do so on YouTube.)

  • You initial response to the film?
  • Please think about the situation of both Jamie and the boys who were targeting Jamie throughout the movie.
  • From Jamie’s standpoint, what was his relationship to his peer group, (please respond connecting to the reading on peer groups)?
  • How was his peer group affecting Jamie’s emotional, social, and cognitive development (remember, when the movie begins he is at the beginning of adolescence)?
  • How did the peers who were taunting Jamie reinforce each others’ behavior? What behavior were they modeling for each other (Please connect to the readings on bullying here)?
  • By punishing Jamie the way they did, what message do you think they were sending to the other students as well as to each other?
  • What systems (from Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model) might have influenced the behavior of the these boys? Why?
  • Finally – please do some additional research on the effects of bullying on the victim’s brain. Seeing how serious really bullying is, how should the adults in the school and in the homes have responded to this situation? How did this behavior being left unchecked harm all of the students, not just Jamie?

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