WS project with 450 to 600 words

Each student will be asked to complete a 2-minute report addressing one of the following questions. (2 minutes equates to approximately 450-600 words.)

1) What does feminism mean to me in my daily life?

2) How will what I’ve learned about women’s and gender studies alter how I live my life?

3) What feminist issue that we learned about in class resonates most with me? Why?

4) How has this class changed my views on feminism?

Students can either read in class what they wrote, or they can present (via screen sharing) a visual presentation complete with them reading what they wrote alongside visuals and/or audios. 

Grading will be based on the following:

Clarity: Everything was understandable, each thing discussed/shown related to all others, and everything came together as a whole. 

Genuine: The project addressed genuine aspects of one’s own life and thinking and beliefs.

Informed: The project showed a strong understanding of the lessons learned in the course.

Insightful: The project helped the audience see something in a new way.

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