Writing Your Own Affirmation

I’m working on a business law project and need support to help me study.

Hi. I am looking for an expert who knows well about Business law.

This is a task for lecture ‘Legal Strategy for Business’.

There are two options for the task;

1. Short research paper (6 to 7 pages long) on ethical, social responsibility, religious, and customary practice issues for companies in South Korea.

2. Short research paper (6 to 7 pages long) on foreign investment laws in South Korea for inbound investments. For this paper, have to focus on special benefits available to foreign investors ( e.g., tax holidays, financial incentives, location in special foreign investment zones, etc.)

Have to choose one of the options, then write research paper.

Requirements for the paper would be; the font ‘Times New Roman’, font size 12, and should be in double-spaced. Pages have to be 6-7 pages. Most importantly, have to make citations to all sources for information.

Thank you in advance for choosing my question.

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