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Background Info:

In this class, we explored the ideas of:

– The ways that we humans define our relationship with the natural world. This first unit was critical because the lens through which we view the world, and approach problems, guides how we think and act.

– Then we covered some national parks such as Yellowstone & Grand Canyon and looked at the environmental problems that are faced in those places. We discussed solutions, and found there is no single right answer.

– Then we learned about diverse cultures to try understand their relationships with the natural world, and the problems that they face, and we found there is no single right answer. For example: We explored Supai Arizona, where the Havasu Indians live and learned about their connection to the sacred land and the history of oppression of native people for their Land.

– Then we worked on living mindfully on the planet, and we learned/experienced that this is not easy, and there is no single right way to approach living mindfully. For example: The Everglades to study how exotic species introduced by humans impacts that ecosystem.

– And last we looked at carbon neutrality, micro-grids and restoration of degraded lands. For example: We studied the the West Coast (Alcatraz Island) to study alternative energy and how that is being integrated into the human world; and other locales and lessons.

-We talked about the three icons of conservation: Gifford Pinchot, John Muir, and Aldo Leopold. Each one had a different view of humankind’s relationship with nature. Look to them, their writings, and their life’s work, for your inner-conservationist. Think. Think deep. Reflect.


How did you view your relationship with Nature before taking this class? And now, 15 weeks later, who do you identify with most: Pinchot, Muir or Leopold – or none of them, or some combination of them. Why and what does this view of Nature mean for how you act in the future as you go out into that Big Wide World as a citizen of the world.

The paper should be 2-4 pages long. Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. This is a reflection paper. You need to think about who you were and who you are now. YOUR answer, should be logically presented in a thoughtful and compelling essay. Don’t worry about research or works cited.

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