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Essay #2: Comparison – Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” and Tan’s “Mother Tongue”Topic: We’ve read Freire’s article on Banking Education. Now we’ll consider the role of language in schools. Comparing and contrasting different writer’s ideas about schooling and language can help us better understand each author in more depth.

Pre-Writing: As you compare and contrast the authors, consider: What is the problem that each author identifies? What do they see as the resolution to this problem? How do the authors compare on the individuals-systems spectrum? How similar are these theorists in their key ideas? What would these authors say to each other? Where do their ideas align? Where do they diverge? What can we learn from these comparisons?

Task: In this essay of at least 3-4 pages, you will compare and contrast Anzaldua and her article, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” with Tan’s article “Mother Tongue”. On what theoretical points would they agree? On what theoretical points would they disagree? What can we learn from comparing these authors? Discuss at least 1-2 similarities and 1-2 differences between the authors. You must include at least one quote from EACH author (for a minimum of two quotes total) to support your paper. Address an academic audience that includes your classmates, instructors, and other students(leave the space for name. make sure write their name so i can recognize). Using MLA style, incorporate at least 2 quotes or paraphrases of Anzaldua’s or Tan’s article.

Due Date: Th, 4/29/21

Guidelines: Use the EWRT 1A rubric as a guide for your writing with particular focus on: A clear purpose for writing (thesis) that addresses the prompt.Accurate summary of articles using the conventions of an academic summary.Logical essay organization and unified paragraphs that effectively support your point(s) Integrated quotations (Quote Sandwiches) and other evidence to support your points MLA formatting, including MLA in text citations and Works Cited

Resources: Writing GroupComparing & Contrasting – University of NC, Chapel Hill

Requirements:   |   .doc file

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