Worksheet with 3 multi-part questions ( will give you 2 readings and a 45 minutes documentary that got the answers)

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The first Q of The New Scramble for Africa documentary

1. What are some of the features of China’s development projects in places like Kenya? More specifically, who typically manages, finances, and staffs these projects? What are some reasons or logics for this form of development?

2. How do national security concerns and the Global War on Terror affect African development? What are some of the more relevant foreign military forces operating on the continent and what are their interests?

Q2 What were some of the reactions by international markets and financial institutions to the growing popularity and initial electoral success of Lula de Silva? On what were these reactions or concerns based? How did Lula subvert expectations?

2. Describe the Bolsa Familia program. How did it subvert conventional wisdom on poverty alleviation? What conditions are placed on receiving funds?

3. What are some of the costs and benefits of placing these conditions on cash transfers? What were some of the concerns over conditional as opposed to universal (unconditional) cash transfers?

4. What are some of the successes of Bolsa Familia mentioned in the Tepperman article? What are some of the failures, if any?

Q Three Philippe Van Parijs wants to push us fashion “realistic utopias” (173). One of his utopian proposals is that of a universal basic income (UBI).

1. What is UBI? In other words, how is UBI supposed to operate? Who receives payment, on what basis, and are there conditions? What are the intended outcomes or goals of UBI?

2. What are the drawbacks, if any, of UBI? How might these drawbacks be addressed?

3. Do you support UBI? Explain.

4. Are there any utopian solutions to global poverty or inequality that you propose or support? Explain

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