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Please answer questions 1, 6, 11, & 20 in the Questions and Problems Section of Chapter 21.

1. On what are the quality grades for beef primarily based?

6. On what are USDA yield grades primarily based?

11. List some differences between dry aging and wet aging.

20. Define or explain briefly these terms: a. Variety meat b. Wholesale cut c. Retail cut d. Marbling e. Product examination service f. NAMI g. Curing h. Feathering i. Certified buying j. Layout pack k. Bloom l. Shrink‐wrap

Also answer questions 2, 3, 6, 8, & 12 in the Questions and Problems Section of Chapter 22.

2. What is the alcoholic content of a spirit of 100 proof?

3. Describe the difference between a dram shop state and a non‐dram‐shop state..

6.What is the recommended storage procedure for: a. white wines? b. red wines? c. keg beer?

8. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of providing your guests with a well‐ stocked wine cellar?

12. Is it a good idea to let a wine steward purchase, receive, store, and sell the wines? Why or why not? Assume that as the owner–manager of the operation, you allow this practice. How would you exercise control over the wine steward?

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