Topic 4 DQ 1 Comment 2

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Studies have now shown that 30% to 40% of patients who are cared for do not get care based on evidence based practice (EBP). As nurses or healthcare providers, it is required to use information on executive skills and offer the best practice to obtain high-quality patient care (Mahmoud & Abdelrasol, 2019). In order to fill the gap between nursing research and practice, it is necessary to enhance nursing knowledge and be devoted to EBPs. One of the reasons why EBPs are not quickly implemented and followed in a healthcare setting is due to the lack of understanding on evaluating a research study among nurses (Mahmoud et al., 2019). Research should be evaluated by understanding its quality and value. Nurses should advance their education and explore the world of research. When nurses are not trained or are not participating in research, it becomes a difficult task to utilize research findings (Mahmoud et al., 2019). For many of the nurses that this learner works with, they are happy to come to work, finish the job on time, and go back home. There are many nurses who are not interested in researching EBPs and give the excuse that s/he does not have time.

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