The role of women in American Literature

I’m working on a literature Research Paper and need support to help me study.’s%20literature%20presents%20a%20unique,changes%20following%20the%20Civil%20War.&text=The%20feminist%20movement%20called%20into,self%2Dreliant%2C%20intelligent%20women.

These are the five articles I chose for my paper

5 Annotated Articles
You will research and find 5 articles that discuss your topic. You will read these articles and make notes of important information that will help you as you write your paper.

Annotated Bibliography
You will choose 3 sources that you will use in your paper and write a thorough description of each source and how you intend to use it in the paper.

Research Paper Outline
Using your sources and your annotated bibliography you will construct a detailed outline of your paper.

Rough Draft of Research Paper
Using your outline and your annotated bibliography you will write a rough draft of your paper.

Final Draft of Research Paper
After editing your rough draft, you will construct a final draft of your paper and submit for final grade.

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